Hike Reports:

Pacific Crest Trail 2019

A photo from Pacific Crest Trail 2019

I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019. Day-by-day reports of my hike are found below. Read more about the PCT here.

Day 23, Zero Day in Big Bear Lake

Gilligan, Rainbow Sherbet, Jukebox and Tengo Hambre

Day 24, Big Bear Lake to Little Bear Springs Camp

Pacific Crest Trail near Big Bear Lake and Bertha Ridge

Day 25, Little Bear Springs Camp to Deep Creek

Tramily on the trail

Day 26, Deep Creek to Grass Valley Creek

Rusty sign on the Pacific Crest Trail

Day 27, Grass Valley Creek to Tentsite at Mile 335.6

Mileage sign on the Pacific Crest Trail

Day 28, Tentsite at Mile 335.6 to Swarthout Canyon

No view because of clouds

Day 29, Swarthout Canyon to Guffy Campground

MJ follows trail through burnt trees

Day 30, Guffy Campground to Wrightwood

Spamalot sitting on a ski lift chair

Day 31, Wrightwood to South Fork Campground

View of Mount Baden-Powell

Day 32, South Fork Campground to Cooper Canyon Campground

Entering Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness Area

Day 33, Cooper Canyon Campground to Tentsite at Mile 411.7

Pacific Crest Trail marker

Day 34, Tentsite at Mile 411.7 to Messenger Flat Campground

View through burnt trees

Day 35, Messenger Flat Campground to Acton KOA

Yellow and white flowers

Day 36, Acton KOA to Hiker Heaven

California poppies

Day 37, Hiker Heaven to Bouquet Canyon Road

Road walking outside of Agua Dulce

Day 38, Bouquet Canyon Road to Casa de Luna

Rusty shovel with PCT emblem

Day 39, Casa de Luna to Tentsite at Maxwell Road

 hexagram of the heavens

Day 40, Tentsite at Maxwell Road to Horse Trail Camp

500 miles written in rocks

Day 41, Horse Trail Camp to Hiker Town

Snake on the trail

Day 42, Hiker Town to Tylerhorse Canyon

Joshua trees at sunrise along the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Day 43, Tylerhorse Canyon to Tehachapi

Looking back to Antelope Valley

Days 44 and 45, Double Zero in Tehachapi

Waiting in line in Tehachapi

Day 46, Tehachapi to Tentsite at Mile 572.9

Lupins in the Tehachapi Mountains

Day 47, Tentsite at Mile 572.9 to Tentsite at Mile 587.3

Wind mills pointing in many directions