Hike Reports:

Pacific Crest Trail 2019

A photo from Pacific Crest Trail 2019

I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019. Day-by-day reports of my hike are found below. Read more about the PCT here.


View from Big Hump on the Appalachian Trail

Day 0, Scout and Frodo’s House

Gravity looks out plane window

Day 1, Campo to Hauser Canyon

Gravity at Campo

Day 2, Hauser Canyon to Boulder Oaks Campground

Faded trail sign

Day 3, Boulder Oaks Campground to Mt. Laguna

Tramily on trail near Mt. Laguna

Day 4, Mt. Laguna to Tentsite at Mile 47.7

Tramily on the trail

Day 5, Tentsite at Mile 47.7 to Tentsite at Mile 63.6

Sunrise view from my tent

Day 6, Tentsite at Mile 63.6 to Stagecoach Trails RV Resort

Tramily walking to RV park

Day 7, Stagecoach Trails RV Resort to Tentsite at Mile 85.3

Gilligan and Bookworm

Day 8, Tentsite at Mile 85.3 to Tentsite at Mile 101.6

California poppy

Day 9, Tentsite at Mile 101.6 to Tentsite at Mile 114.7

Eagle Rock

Day 10, Tentsite at Mile 114. 7 to Mike’s Place

Side trail to Mike's Place

Day 11, Mike’s Place to Mary’s Place

Tengo Hambre on the trail

Day 12, Mary’s Place to Idyllwild

Tengo Hambre walking on Highway 74

Day 13, Zero Day in Idyllwild

Mayor Max of Idyllwild

Day 14, Idyllwild to Fobes Ranch Trail Jct.

Stopping to look at the view

Day 15, Fobes Ranch Trail Jct. to Tentsite at Mile 176.4

Tengo and Bookworm on a switchback

Day 16, Tentsite at Mile 176.4 to Stealth Tentsite at Mile 187.3

Snowy descent

Day 17, Stealth Tentsite at Mile 187.3 to Fuller Ridge

MJ, Tengo Hambre and Rainbow Sherbet

Day 18, Fuller Ridge to Interstate 10

Falls and Spamalot at In-N-Out Burger

Day 19, Interstate 10 to Whitewater River

Pacific Crest Trail marker

Day 20, Whitewater River to Mission Creek

Tengo Hambre crossing Mission Creek

Day 21, Mission Creek to Coon Creek Cabin

Tengo Hambre crossing snow

Day 22, Coon Creek Cabin to Big Bear Lake

Former site of Randy Miller’s Predators in Action