Hike Reports:

Continental Divide Trail 2021

A photo from Continental Divide Trail 2021

I thru-hiked the Continental Divide Trail in 2021. Day-by-day reports of my hike are found below. Read more about the CDT here.

Day 23, Narrows Rim Trail to Interstate 40

A curve in NM 117

Day 24, Zero Day in Grants and Albuquerque

Driving to Albuquerque

Day 25, Nero Day in Grants

Walking to Grants, New Mexico

Day 26, Grants to Gooseberry Springs Trail Junction

A sign for the closed Franciscan Lodge in Grants, NM

Day 27, Gooseberry Springs Trail Junction to Mt. Taylor Alternate Junction

Zigzag rounds the slope of Mt. Taylor

Day 28, Mt. Taylor Alternate Junction to Los Indios Spring

A rock cairn on the Continental Divide Trail

Day 29, Los Indios Spring to ‎⁨La Lena Wilderness Study Area

A skull sitting on a stack of rocks

Day 30, La Lena Wilderness Study Area to Jones Canyon

The sun shines brightly over a hoodoo

Day 31, Jones Canyon to Cuba

Western wallflower

Day 32, Zero Day in Cuba


Day 33, Cuba to Corralitos Trail Junction

The CDT in New Mexico

Day 34, Corralitos Trail Junction to Chama River Canyon Wilderness

A sign pointing separate trails for hikers and horses

Day 35, Chama River Canyon Wilderness to Ghost Ranch and Española

A storm builds and approaches

Day 36, Zero Day in Española

Zigzag sits in an Española laundromat

Day 37, Ghost Ranch to Harris Bear Spring

Walking through Ghost Ranch

Day 38, Harris Bear Spring to Springs near El Rito Creek

Glacier lily

Day 39, Springs near El Rito Creek to Hopewell Lake

Distant hikers

Day 40, Hopewell Lake to Lagunitas Creek Canyon

A small stream that feeds Lagunitas Creek

Day 41, Lagunitas Creek Canyon to Forest Road 686

No Keys, OldTimer, and Top O' climb a ridge

Day 42, Forest Road 686 to Cumbres Pass

The state line between Colorado and New Mexico on the CDT

Day 43, Zero Day in Chama

Hikers hanging out at the Y Motel in Chama, New Mexico

Day 44, Cumbres Pass to Spectacle Lake Campground

Top O' walks on a road

Day 45, Spectacle Lake Campground to Stunner Campground

Top O' looks at Little Red and Big Red mountains

Day 46, Stunner Campground to Park Creek

Top O' walks ahead in the snow