Hike Reports:

Continental Divide Trail 2021

A photo from Continental Divide Trail 2021

I thru-hiked the Continental Divide Trail in 2021. Day-by-day reports of my hike are found below. Read more about the CDT here.


A wildflower

Day 0, Travel to Lordsburg

Zigzag leaves the train in Lordsburg

Day 1, Crazy Cook to Water Cache Number 1

The Continental Divide Monument at Crazy Cook

Day 2, Water Cache Number 1 to Silver Bell Mine

Sunrise in New Mexico

Day 3, Silver Bell Mine to Coyote Hills


Day 4, Coyote Hills to Rockhouse Canyon

Zigzag holds a cow skull up to his head

Day 5, Rockhouse Canyon to Lordsburg

Sun rays filtering through a thin layer of clouds

Day 6, Lordsburg to Engineers Windmill

Zigzag checks Guthook

Day 7, Engineers Windmill to Burro Peak Trailhead

A CDT sign nailed to a post

Day 8, Burro Peak Trailhead to Silver City

The sun shines over State Route 90

Day 9, Zero Day in Silver City

Zigzag walks into Blake's Lotaburger

Day 10, Silver City to Moore Canyon

A view from the trail

Day 11, Moore Canyon to Gila River

A view of the sky

Day 12, Gila River to Doc Campbell's Post

Zigzag walks past a sycamore tree

Day 13, Doc Campbell’s Post to The Meadows

Looking into the Middle Fork Gila River canyon

Day 14, The Meadows to Swinging Cross Canyon

Cruise Control and Zigzag at Swinging Cross Canyon

Day 15, Swinging Cross Canyon to Bursum Road

A lone tree stands under darkening clouds

Day 16, Bursum Road to CDT Mile 345.1

A snowy morning in the forest

Day 17, CDT Mile 345.1 to CDT Mile 360.9


Day 18, CDT Mile 360.9 to Valle Tio Vences Campground

A CDT emblem is mounted on a tree

Day 19, Valle Tio Vences Campground to Davila Ranch

A wary steer watches near a road

Day 20, Davila Ranch to Pie Town

The silhouettes of two hikers

Day 21, Pie Town to Ridge above Goat Tank Canyon

Walking on the road out of Pie Town

Day 22, Ridge above Goat Tank Canyon to Narrows Rim Trail

A white line along New Mexico Highway 117