Hike Reports:

Benton MacKaye Trail 2020

A photo from Benton MacKaye Trail 2020

I thru-hiked the Benton MacKaye Trail in 2020. Day-by-day reports of my hike are found below. Read more about the BMT here.

Day 1, Springer Mountain to Bryson Gap

Just Awesome and Tengo Hambre on the Benton MacKaye Trail

Day 2, Bryson Gap to Payne Gap

A view from the Benton MacKaye Trail

Day 3, Payne Gap to Fall Branch

A weathered sign marking the Benton MacKaye Trail

Day 4, Fall Branch to Indian Rock Shelter

Tengo Hambre crosses a stream on the Benton MacKaye Trail

Day 5, Indian Rock Shelter to Double Hogpen Gap

Just Awesome and Tengo Hambre

Day 6, Double Hogpen Gap to Double Spring Gap

Blue sky and colorful leaves

Day 7, Double Spring Gap to Thunder Rock Campground

A tree swallows a metal sign

Day 8, Thunder Rock Campground to Big Lost Creek

Polecat and Tengo Hambre on the Benton MacKaye Trail

Day 9, Big Lost Creek to Loss Creek

The Hiwassee River

Day 10, Loss Creek to Tate Gap

A moss-covered trail sign

Day 11, Tate Gap to Brookshire Creek

Tengo Hambre walks ahead

Day 12, Brookshire Creek to Whigg Meadow


Day 13, Whigg Meadow to Nichols Cove Trail

Crossing the Cherohala Skyway

Day 14, Nichols Cove Trail to Fontana Village Resort

Tengo Hambre catches up after getting off the trail

Day 15, Fontana Village Resort to Lost Cove

An Appalachian Trail white blaze

Day 16, Lost Cove to Pilkey Creek

Iron bridge crossing Eagle Creek

Day 17, Pilkey Creek to Lower Forney Creek

Sun glistening on Fontana Lake

Day 18, Lower Forney Creek to Deep Creek

Tengo Hambre stands at the end of a tunnel

Day 19, Deep Creek to Smokemont Campground

The sky is getting cloudier

Day 20, Smokemont Campground to Enloe Creek

Hiking with Mary, Joe, Tengo Hambre, and Just Awesome

Day 21, Enloe Creek to Mt. Sterling

Walking in low clouds on the Mt. Sterling Ridge Trail

Day 22, Mt. Sterling to Big Creek

Baxter Creek Trail