AT 2017: Day 111, Schatighcoke Mtn. Campsite to Cornwall Bridge

In spite of all the danger

Stick walking in a meadow

Today’s weather was the kind you’d wish for every day. With a bluebird sky and an ideal temperature in the mid 70s, it was a perfect day for walking. A light breeze added to make the day thoroughly enjoyable.

Only one thing could make a day like this better for a hiker, and that was trail magic.

We got that too.

DateSunday, July 30, 2017
WeatherClear skies with a slight breeze to keep the temperature pleasant
Trail ConditionsA rugged and steep descent from St. John's Ledges, otherwise an enjoyable trail
Today's Miles14.3
Trip Miles1478.4

So what could ruin a day like today?

Falling off a cliff would be one way.

No, I didn’t fall off a cliff, and to my knowledge no one else did, either. It seemed like a definite possibility, though, when Stick and I were in pursuit of trail magic.

Crossing a meadow

Through the morning and early afternoon, the trail traversed gently-rolling hills and lovely meadows.

Being a Sunday with beautiful weather, we were joined on the trail by many day and weekend hikers.

Stick at Caleb’s Peak

The day was going so well, Stick and I stopped a little longer than normal to enjoy the view from Caleb’s Peak. From here we could see the Housatonic River and the town of Kent.

We initially thought we’d be stopping tonight in Kent, but we were moving along so well we decided the village of Cornwall Bridge was a better option. It was within an easy distance and would also have an important amenity that was lacking in Kent. We could do our laundry in Cornwall Bridge. There was no place to do laundry in Kent.

The last time we had clean clothes was eight days ago when Trail Angel Melissa did our laundry.

We left Caleb’s Peak shortly after 2 p.m. As we walked along a ridge a day hiker told us there was trail magic ahead.

With this news we immediately sprung into action. We didn’t know how far away the trail magic was. With the time already after 2:00, we walked fast for fear the trail angel might pack up and leave before we reached the spot.

Stone steps leading down St. John's Ledges

When we arrived at St. John’s Ledges, though, we discovered a dangerous impediment to quickly reaching the trail magic lay before us. The trail made a steep descent from the rocky face of the ledge.

It was a tough section of trail, going over several obstacles of large, jagged boulders on the way down.

Steep and rocky descent

We were determined to descend from the ledge as quickly as possible, but also wanted to remain cautious to avoid injury. Then partway down the scent of hamburgers on a grill began to waft up the ledge. All caution was jettisoned and we scrambled down by any means possible.

Tinkerbell with trail magic

When we reached the bottom, Stick and I found tables, chairs and a grill set up for hikers. Cold drinks, burgers and other food were provided by an occasional section hiker named Tinkerbell.

The food was worth the risk to life and limb.

Housatonic River

After being well fed, we pried ourselves from Tinkerbell’s lawn chairs and returned to hiking. From here the trail was flat and easy to walk as it followed the Housatonic for nearly five miles.

Stick walking through tall grass

When the trail veered away from the river it took us through a series of meadows and a couple short sections of thick vegetation.

The trail then made a climb up a ridge before dropping down to Connecticut Route 4, which was the road into Cornwall Bridge.

Road walking into Cornwall Bridge

Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night and traffic was light. Maybe it was because the road was narrow, with no good place to pull over. Or maybe it was because we looked like a couple of smelly old hobos. Whatever the reason, no one would stop to give us a ride, so we had to walk a little over a mile into the village.

We figured we couldn’t count on finding a restaurant open on a Sunday night in this little bend in the road, so we opted for some fine dining selections from the menu of the local Citgo gas station.

Arriving at Hitching Post Motel,

After dining al fresco in the parking lot, we walked another mile to Hitching Post Motel.

This was an odd place. With a name like Hitching Post Motel, you might expect a western theme, but the decorating included frilly bedspreads and a large framed print depicting Hindu deities.

The manager tried to talk me into paying cash instead of using a credit card, which seemed a little sketchy, but he also said he would do our laundry for us in the morning, so that was good enough for us.

In spite of all the danger,
in spite of all that may be
I'll do anything for you,
anything you want me to,
if you'll be true to me.

In spite of all the heartache,
that you may cause me,
I'll do anything for you,
anything you want me to,
if you'll be true to me.


"Nothing to tell now. Let the words be yours, I'm done with mine."ref.