Hike Reports:

Appalachian Trail 2017

A photo from Appalachian Trail 2017

I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2017. Day-by-day reports of my hike are found below. Read more about the AT here.

Day 19, Pecks Corner Shelter to Davenport Gap

View from the trail

Zero Week

My Hiking Boots

Day 20, Davenport Gap to Goundhog Creek Shelter

Traveling down Interstate 40

Day 21, Groundhog Creek Shelter to Kale Gap

Max Patch

Day 22, Kale Gap to Hot Springs

Sunny day

Day 23, Hot Springs to Little Paint Creek Trail

No hunting sign

Day 24, Little Paint Creek Trail to Jerry Cabin Shelter

Wildflowers near Camp Creek Bald

Day 25, Jerry Cabin Shelter to Hogback Ridge Shelter

Wet trail

Day 26, Hogback Ridge Shelter to Sam's Gap

Shuttle to Erwin

Day 27, Sam's Gap to Spivey Gap

Big Bald

Day 28, Spivey Gap to Curley Maple Gap Shelter

Butterfly on a rhododendron blossom

Day 29, Curley Maple Gap Shelter to Cherry Gap Shelter

My spreadsheet

Day 30, Cherry Gap Shelter to Ash Gap

Flowers on trail

Day 31, Ash Gap to U.S. 19E

View from Big Hump

Day 32, U.S. 19E to Moreland Gap Shelter

Mountaineer Falls

Day 33, Moreland Gap Shelter to Shook Branch Road

Laurel Fork Gorge

Day 34, Shook Branch Road to Iron Mountain Shelter

Watauga Reservoir

Day 35, Iron Mountain Shelter to Campsite at Mile 462.7

Grave marker of Uncle Nick Grindstaff

Day 36, Campsite at Mile 462.7 to Saunders Shelter

Leaving Damascus

Day 37, Saunders Shelter to Thomas Knob Shelter

View from Buzzard Rock

Day 38, Thomas Knob Shelter to Hurricane Mountain Shelter

Wild pony in Grayson Highlands

Day 39, Hurricane Mountain Shelter to Mt. Rogers Visitors Center

Trail through a meadow

Day 40, Trail Days in Damascus, Va.

Trail Days parade

Day 41, Mt. Rogers Visitors Center to Chatfield Shelter

wet trail