AT 2016: Shakedown Day 6, Whitley Gap to Low Gap

When the dust hits my shoes I got the urge to move

Marker at Hogpen Gap

Because we had hiked an extra distance yesterday to reach a reliable water source, we were closer to our pickup point the day after tomorrow than originally planned. This meant we had to parse our hiking for today and tomorrow to shorter distances than we would normally want to go.

DateThursday, June 23, 2016
WeatherHot, muggy
Trail ConditionsDrier and dustier
Today's Miles4.8
Trip Miles51.5

Though that was fine for having a relaxing two days, it also meant I wasn't getting in the miles that I will normally be hiking when I begin my thru-hike attempt next year.

I reminded myself this hike isn't for me, it is for the boys, and all is good.

An added bonus for hiking short distances is we didn't have to make an early start this morning.

View from side trail

We also had time to hike at a more leisurely pace on our way to Low Gap Shelter. This gave us a chance to take in an excellent view from the side trail leading from Whitley Gap back to the AT.

Green tunnel

After descending to Hogpen Gap we found the trail to be easy. The climbs were not long and not steep.

Mark Trail Wilderness Area

This portion of the trail travels through Mark Trail Wilderness Area, which is the only wilderness area named for a cartoon character.

Virginia Spiderwort

The slow pace also allowed me time to take a few pictures, including this Virginia Spiderwort.

Green tunnel

Most of the hiking today was in the "green tunnel" that the Appalachian Trail is known for.

Dirty leg

At the end of each day I have tried to clean up. Or at least, I attempted to wash off as much of the dust and sweat of the day as I could. Even with today's short hike, my legs were covered in dirt.

Relaxing at Low Gap

With camp chores done, there was plenty of time during the evening to relax.

And listen to more war stories from Andy and Dave.

All my life it's been like this
If you love me it's your own risk
When the dust hits my shoes
I got the urge to move

I'm a road runner, baby
Anyplace is my home
And I love the life I live
And I'm gonna live the life I love
Road runner, baby


"Nothing to tell now. Let the words be yours, I'm done with mine."ref.