Gear that I use

This page lists the backpack and other items I currently carry on my hikes. Some items are only carried when weather conditions require them. Also listed here are items I have carried in the past.

After discovering that my Zpacks Arc Blast did not hold up for a full thru-hike on the AT, I switched to a Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul. It held up well and I will continue to use it on future hikes.

Items I currently use

Item Weight (oz.)
Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul 50L DCF backpack with two hip pockets, water bottle holder and mesh shoulder pocket 27.00
Leki Legacy Trekking Poles 16.60
Superior Wilderness Designs DCF Lunch Box Food Sack/Storage System (2) 5.40
Katoohla Microspikes (carried and worn only in snowy conditions) 12.30
CAMP Corsa ice axe (have not had to carry this yet) 10.40
Liteflex Chrome hiking umbrella (carried only in the desert) 8.30

Items I have used in the past

Item Weight (oz.)
Zpacks Arc Blast Backpack with 2 Hip Pouches and 1 Shoulder Strap Pouch (carried on the Appalachian Trail, replaced due to failure) 22.45
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z-Pole Trekking Poles (carried on the Appalachian Trail, replaced when one broke) 10.10
Osprey Atmos AG 50 (replaced the Zpacks Arc Blast on the Appalachian Trail) 48.20

My descriptions of gear are not intended to be product endorsements. I have not been compensated for any product mentions, nor do I use affiliate links.


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