A stove in a campsite

Cooking and Water Filtration

A liter of water weighs about two pounds. A day's quantity of food is roughly the same weight. These add up quickly on long hikes. For this reason, keeping cooking and water filtering/storage gear weight minimized can't be overlooked.

Items I Currently Use

ItemWeight (oz.)
MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove2.9
Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium cook pot4.8
Sea to Summit Long Handle spoon.4
Bic Mini lighter.5
Talenti Gelato Jar (empty) for measuring water, soaking food and mixing drinks1.9
Katadyn BeFree water filter and 1-liter flask2.3
CNOC Vecto 2-liter water container2.8
CNOC Vecto 2-liter water container*2.8
Bleach and AquaMira tablets for water purification1.0
Platypus bottle (with top cut off) used as a water scoop.4
DCF zippered pouch for storing water filtration gear.3
(2) Smartwater 1-liter bottles (weighed empty)3.2
Bear bag hanging kit (rope and a rock sack)2.8
Ursack All Mitey bear-resistant food sack*9.4
Superior Wilderness Designs food bag with a small carabiner and one or two Couglan's odor-proof ziplock bags4.3

Items I have used in the past

ItemWeight (oz.)
Jetboil MicroMo Stove with fuel canister20.8
JetBoil Stashstove and cook pot8.3
BRS 3000T titanium stove0.9
Sawyer Micro Squeeze water filter1.9
Optimus collapsible long-handle Spoon .7
Platypus water filter system (4 liters) 13.5
Platypus 1 liter Bottle (2)2.8

My descriptions of gear are not intended to be product endorsements. I have not been compensated for any product mentions, nor do I use affiliate links.

* = Item is carried when conditions warrant

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