Hike with Gravity

Hello, I'm Gravity.

I'm a long-distance hiker who has completed the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Trail. This site shares my experiences on those and a few other trails.


My Latest Trail Reports

Day 1, Davidson River to Butter Gap

Davidson River in North Carolina

My Triple Crown Hikes

Gravity hiking on the PCT


The paper crown Gravity wore after completing the Triple Crown

Day 159, Cosley Lake Campsite to Chief Mountain Border Station

Gravity standing at the Canadian border

Day 158, Many Glacier Campground to Cosley Lake Campsite

Sunset on Cosley Lake

Day 157, Reynolds Creek Campsite to Many Glacier Campground

A ram grazing on a mountainside

Day 156, Red Eagle Lake Head Campsite to Reynolds Creek Campsite

St. Mary Lake

Day 155, Morning Star Lake Campsite to Red Eagle Lake Head Campsite

Glacier National Park

Day 154, Two Medicine Campground to Morning Star Lake Campsite

Seven Winds of the Lake and Pitamakan Lake

Day 153, Two Medicine Campground to East Glacier Park

Lower Two Medicine Lake and Rising Wolf Mountain in Glacier National Park

Day 152, Summit Trailhead/Marias Pass to East Glacier Park

U.S. Highway 2 in Montana

Day 151, North Badger Creek to Summit Trailhead/Marias Pass

The sun is partially obscured by a smokey sky