Hike with Gravity

Hello, I'm Gravity.

I'm a long-distance hiker who has completed the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Trail. This site shares my experiences on those and a few other trails.


My Latest Trail Reports

Day 112, above Sheridan Pass to U.S. Highway 26/287

A CDT emblem is attached to a post on the trail

Day 111, Fish Creek Park to above Sheridan Pass

Pronghorn antelope run across a ridge in Wyoming

Day 110, Green River to Fish Creek Park

Squaretop Mountain, as seen from Upper Green River Lake

Day 109, north of Indian Pass Trail to Green River

Green River in Wind River Range, Wyoming

Day 108, Elkhart Park/Pinedale to north of Indian Pass Trail

Top O' walks on the CDT near Indian Pass Trail

Day 107, Seneca Lake to Elkhart Park/Pinedale

Rays of morning sun shine over a ridge

Day 106, between North Fork Lake and Valley Lake to Seneca Lake

Sunrise over North Fork Lake

Day 105, Shadow Lake to between North Fork Lake and Valley Lake

A CDT emblem carved from wood is mounted on a tree

Day 104, Lake 10839 to Shadow Lake

A view of the Cirque of the Towers from Jackass Pass

Day 103, Sweetwater Guard Station Campground to Lake 10839

A field of wildflowers with Temple Peak standing behind them

Day 102, outside of South Pass City to Sweetwater Guard Station Campground

Large rocks stand against a smokey sky

Day 101, Antelope Hills to outside of South Pass City

Dawn sky over the Great Divide Basin