Hike with Gravity

Hello, I'm Gravity.

I'm a long-distance hiker who has completed the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Trail. This site shares my experiences on those and a few other trails.


My Latest Trail Reports

Day 138, O'Keefe Mountain to MacDonald Pass/Helena

Clouds in Montana

Day 137, spring near Black Mountain to O'Keefe Mountain

A wooden sign identifies a trail junction on the CDT in Montana

Day 136, Lowland Campground to spring near Black Mountain

Sunrise in Montana

Day 135, Nez Perce Trailhead to Lowland Campground

CDT Hikers laugh together

Day 134, Whitehall/Interstate 90 to Nez Perce Trailhead

Top O' walks on a road

Day 133, Jefferson River to Whitehall/Interstate 90

The moon hangs over Jefferson Valley in Montana

Day 132, Rock Creek Trail to Jefferson River

A straight gravel road leads to a mountain range

Day 131, Potosi Campground to Rock Creek Trail

Top O' walks on a road toward mountains

Day 130, Meadow Lake Campground to Potosi Campground

Prairie sunflower

Day 129, Cherry Creek to Meadow Lake Campground

Fog covers a trail

Day 128, South Fork Spanish Creek to Cherry Creek

A gloomy view of Spanish Peaks

Day 127, Big Sky to South Fork Spanish Creek

walking in Bear Basin, Montana