Hike with Gravity

Hello, I'm Gravity.

I'm a long-distance hiker who has completed the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Trail, as well as a few other trails. This site shares my experiences on those hikes.


My Latest Trail Reports

Day 88, Dayton Gulch to Sheep Gulch

A marmot near Hope Pass

Day 87, Galena Mountain to Dayton Gulch

Dawn sky

Day 86, Tennessee Pass to Galena Mountain

Top O' and OT walk on the CDT

Day 85, Guller Creek to Tennessee Pass

Morning sun over Guller Creek on the CDT

Day 84, Miner's Creek Trail to Guller Creek

A sign points directions for the CDT and CT

Day 83, Keystone to Miner's Creek Trail

OldTimer and Top O' walk ahead

Day 82, Chihuahua Gulch to Keystone

Top O' and OldTimer look for the correct way to go

Day 81, Herman Gulch to Chihuahua Gulch

OldTimer reaches the summit of Grays Peak

Day 80, Stanley Mountain to Herman Gulch

OT walks ahead on a ridge

Day 79, Berthoud Pass to Stanley Mountain

A long stretch of the CDT across the Vasquez Mountains

Day 78, Bill Moore Lake to Berthoud Pass

Top O' walks on the CDT toward Berthoud Pass

Day 77, Rifle Sight Notch to Bill Moore Lake

The CDT near Rogers Pass and James Peak